Scouting Kentucky-Louisville: Adebayo, Fox, Mitchell, & Monk

Main bias concern: I’ve heard and read a solid amount the draft so far, I’m doing these with prospects I’ve seen the least of, but you still hear things over the course of the year that give you preconceived notions.

Also, since the draft has happened already, it’s possible that my opinion of a player could be influenced by the team that takes them. If I have a high opinion of Miami’s front office (I do), it might affect my opinion of Bam Adebayo.

1: Mitchell solid shake with the crossover, but definitely looking for own shot despite man wide open. Snider shoots like 36 percent, so it’s a good pass to make. Could choose differently when he’s not top dog.

2: Fox is pretty left hand dominant so it’s nice to see him whip this little entry pass with the right.

3: Head down, tunnel vision part of the problem here. Also, Adebayo takes a very loose, weak dribble here which gives defender the time to dig and swipe the ball. This is an example of how Fox might cramp spacing, a team might almost always have him run through or screen to help mitigate that, but it’s nice just to have the option to leave him there for a moment.

4: Fox is quite fast with or without the ball. Good finish at high speed. Mitchell did nothing to impact the ball here, gets a little off-balance and doesn’t have the speed to close Fox’s angle. Maybe he’s trying to avoid a foul early here, but not great.

5: Adebayo’s contain is broken almost instantly. He does a good job choosing to recover back to the rebounding thanks to great help by Gabriel. Doesn’t compound the mistake with another, good understanding of the team defense.

Mitchell creates space and is still met with three defenders. Spacing kills the passing lanes, but doesn’t probe with the dribble, takes a decent look at a floater.

6: Mitchell has this footwork down, makes great quick cut here. Energy transfer from load to release is smooth, right shoulder forward, hand releases the ball cleanly.

7: Monk takes a bad angle to cut off this drive, goes to where the ball handler is (not where he’s going). Second step into his stance is lackadaisical, could have cut the initial driving angle a bit

8: Bam is not super fleet of foot, but plays this pretty well after the screen is flipped. Contains penetration and gets a decent contest.

9 Fox looks to push often. This is a nice, well-timed move by Bam although Mitchell didn’t put up a ton of fight.

10: Bam’s moving his feet but gets tricked by the hesitation. Bailed out by help D again which isn’t there as often in the league when the floor is a little more stretched and that guy in the dunker spot is in the corner.

11: Fox has good hands. Better to reach in with the other hand to keep balanced, avoid fouls, but he avoids all of that with quick hands.

12: This is subjective, but I like how Fox high fives teammates like every time he passes them. Steve Nash high five video.

13: Nice hesitation in the PnR hole from Mitchell, freezes defense and give roll time to develop.

14: Fox needs to go over on this hand off, definitely lulled to sleep off ball here, maybe also by the fact that Snider missed his first two impacted this? Still, he’s a solid shooter overall.

15: Nice long stride from Monk to create space of the step back. Falls back to the step back due to not getting penetration with the dribble. Good read from Monk to see the defense loaded up on his side and swing it to Monk.

16: Monk is way more engaged after knocking one down, flies around these screens before over pursuing with a lil sloppy footwork. Recovers alright to stop Adel and force the pass. Helped by Louisville’s spacing mess behind him.

17: Fox mechanics look solid here, release a little slow. He’s a little knock-kneed which is alright (from what I know). Two motion shot (shouts to Dave), good release out of the hand. Release point is a little low, loads the ball right over the shoulder. This is one of the easier attempts

18: Mitchell rounds the first screen a little, but has very solid footwork on this cut, catch, and shot that he will call upon at the next level

19: Monk over commits to on this pop up, giving up the back door fairly easily

20: Fox has great wiggle and a pretty tight handle. Nice crossover/escape followed by a very good in and out on Mitchell’s meh defense. Definitely bites off more than he can chew with this drive, could gotten it to Monk earlier for a good look.

21: Mitchell a little floaty off the ball here, but find puts a body on his man for the rebound, pushes the pace and makes a quick choice against a scrambled defense

22: Sucking into the zone off of Briscoe, Mitchell makes an instinctual play after seeing the high-low passing lane open up.

23: Measured ball control, tightens up when he gets to the paint, looking for shot but not there, keeps his head up and finds the nice box to box reposition

24: Nice ball control, solid wiggle at that speed on the in and out to freeze the big and then good ball show to open space to find the other side of the rim. Doesn’t quite have the touch to finish that shot at that speed. Doesn’t use left hand



27: Good defense to stay on Monk’s hip and allow minimal separation off the screen. Stays on his hip and walls off the paint on the drive. Monk isn’t the hardest guy to stay in front of, but this is great defense…Mitchell a little careless with the throw ahead across Fox, Fox displays his excellent quickness and reaction time here. Fox can takes a little bump and gets through it to thr rim, but can’t really make a good attempt at the finish.

28: Mitchell able to get Briscoe on his heels and knock him back for the finish. Doesn’t go for the lefty

29: Mitchell gives Fox lots of cushion, Fox hops and has solid balance pull up, leans back slightly but not a very close miss

30: Definitely miscommunication here as Bam thinks Fox has recovered and passes him off to nobody

31: fox one step ahead of defense by looking Bam off in favor of Willis short corner

32: Bam gets a solid seal here, gets defender onto one right shoulder, but spin quickly enough back outside to get a good shot, too much up and down movement opposed to east west

33: Fox can’t turn the corner off the pindown and gets caught on his man’s back. Solid bluff by Bam to force the hasty lob, better passer probably would have nailed the pass though

34: really quick stop and come into balance shooting position for Mitchell

35: fantastic body control from Fox, not sure that shot goes up against more length/strength. Superb finish nonetheless at that angle

36: Adel does not let this play develop, nice curl but Mitchell, can’t quite get his stepback off, give and go cut from the stepthrough a little slow in execution but a good idea

37: Mitchell curls well to receive the handoff which he doesn’t get a good handle on. Slow transferring the ball from the gather dribble. Fox with a nice high point rebound

38: Mitchell not keeping track of his defender, who runs through almost every passing lane available to the ball handler

39: Impressive balance/body control/hands from Mitchell

40: Fox again gets good balance with plenty of space in the midrange. Low arc on the jumpshot, not too far off. Mitchell struggles to get around this screen, looks like he saw it a little late

41: Another ball screen switch for Mitchell off of Fox. They have the personnel for it, but Mitchell could struggle to get around that screen if he’s asked to. Fox also is very, very quick, which may affect UL’s scheme.

42: Mitchell definitely caught leaning the wrong way on this catch and drive, stays disciplined, borderline block/charge call goes his way

43: Bam knocks skinny defender back, yams. Not a very quick process, has to gather at every step.

44: Mitchell catches UK sleeping but can’t craft a finish as he’s going too fast. Doesn’t get up high enough to finish going straight here.

45: Bam knows double is coming, knows from where. Kicks to open guy, Fox makes a nice move and gathers balance into easy floater with jump stop

46: Fox snakes with his handle and speed right through the D, not great touch with his right hand here

47: Shot a little bit of a hoist after the first motion

48: Can create time for a jump shot very easily, this probably doesn’t get off against better length, gets into gather quickly but touch just not quite there.

49: Bam completely commits his hips here, has to flip them open to avoid blocking foul

50: Fox has time to flip his hips to deny the impending screen, but dies on it. Gabriel does not help him out by playing super far back and letting guard turn the corner with head of steam. Solid dribble drive from Mitchell off the strongside action, doesn’t get a ton of separation with the pull up, doesn’t pull a step back dribble with the left hand. Solid balance and elevation on the pull up, doesn’t hold the follow through in an attempt to chase the board. Briscoe really closes the gap when Mitchell goes up to shoot.

51: Mitchell brings the ball pretty much up through the middle of his body, releases slightly above his head. Good arm angle, shoulders look a little bit tight

52: Really tough off balance attempt from Monk. Hard to tell but it doesn’t look like he quite transfers the ball cleanly from left to right. Sloppy footwork coming off the screen, super sloppy on the shot attempt. Could square his feet/shoulders up on the hop but only kinda gets the feet and really has to turn his shoulders toward the hoop as he jumps, rotates all the power out of his jumper.

53: Bam fights well to get in good position for the rebound, but isn’t explosive enough to get the board against the contesting Mitchell. Fox does a great job tracking Briscoe on a nice reposition cut, this could easily be an assist to a better shooter. Since the D was so scrambled off the loose ball, Fox should get more points for the passing/vision than the actual drive.

54: Fox just forces this. Ideally the court is better spaced, with someone replacing Monk as he cuts through and occupying that defender, but still gotta see him. Good clear out by Bam after Monk runs through.

55: Not super shifty around the rim again from Mitchell, but uses his jump stop pretty well to allow time for the roller. Good ball show to get Gabriel off-balance.

56: Great hands from Bam here, drawing the foul, but comes up with the ball nonetheless.

57: Good backdoor clear from Monk. Doesn’t get open for the pass but keeps the court balanced for when Fox receives the ball. Fox settles against a big here, but you like that he’s confident enough to take the shot. Not far off, but very flat

58: Monk just dies on this hand-off, goes out to recover instead of laterally to cut off the drive, just bad technique, poor angle. Gabriel has to help, leaves big uncovered for offensive board. Really impressive extension from Gabriel, not a quick-twitch mover on this play but peels off the big late so the guard isn’t expecting it.

59: Fox can holster this pass. He can pull it out and run a pick and roll or try to fake the pass and drive the other way.

60: Fox jumps the wrong way on the first screen and does not get around it. Second screen, kinda gets through but doesn’t reel back to the ball quickly. Bam shows good reaction time on this block, it’s nice that he tries to save to Fox to start the break but can’t pull it off. Gabriel times this block quite well, is not very strong

61: Monk flashes nice body control here moving near top speed, soft finishing touch

62: Bam maybe overhelps here. Gabriel had a decent contest coming, and his man is able to get rebounding position when he does. But still showing awareness of Gabriel’s strength disadvantage down low.

63: This isn’t even a pump fake that Monk bites on here, Fox blown by a little too easily as ball handler denies the screen.

64: Love that Mitchell is front and center with the towel whipping. Nice hang dribble to freeze the defender for the drive, does not have a great plan as he takes off as help comes, impressive that he gets the ball to the other side of the rim but has no chance of finishing it.

65: Well set screen, but Fox cannot snake his way around it, giving up an easy look

66: Great read by Monk to break the cut off and switch back. This move would not likely create that much separation against a decent defender, Monk doesn’t quite get square before shooting, hard to tell if he gets the ball into his hand well.

67: Fox applies nice pressure, had the dude locked out if he didn’t leave his hands in there.

68: Fox leans the wrong way into the screen, gets beat when ball handler denies the screen. This is a monster rebound, demonstrating his strong hands. Nice pass ahead to Briscoe.

69: Monk has quick hands against a poor ball handler here. Fox over-pursues and the ole defense does not help, this could be an open three easily.

70: Fox again should just look this off, throws the pass out of muscle memory seemingly. Maybe getting a little mentally fatigued at this point in the second half

71: Bam locates the defender and sets a pretty solid screen, surprising the big helps off Monk in the corner. Defender is far too slight to guard Bam in the post. Knows that he has this mismatch so it’s hard to blame him for not kicking it out on the double team, he seems to see it and maneuver around it.

72: Good patience to wait on the help by Bam. Does enough to deny the pass which he knows he left pretty open (with the aid of the wing crashing to help), but this play could have just as easily had been a lay up for Bam’s man. He also was sold pretty easily on the pump fake. Tough spot as a defender, doesn’t negotiate it super well after the initial help.

73: One of those plays where if Bam blocks it, it’s amazing help D. But if it’s a miss to the other side of the backboard, Bam overhelped. It doesn’t look like he got it, gets help from driver’s original man on the board.

74: Little looping cross frees up Monk, but not much shake. The shot isn’t a terrible one, but it looks like his loose handle kinda carries over into his off-the-dribble shooting

75: Bam does not get good position at all here, on 3 attempts. Great job not to force it and dimes up __ on the kick out.

76: Miserable effort from Monk to get this screen. He passed the ball handler off to a wing defender, but the way UK plays these side ball screens, too much of a running start to be a helpful switch.

77: Nice put from Monk, Bam gets up to like 10.5, 11 feet here off two feet

78: Fox shows a little more effort off the ball here, gets driven off balance which forces an unideal switch. I like how Mitchell initiates this weakside action when he sees the play getting stagnant instead of just running to get the ball, was actually open on the back door because of a miscommunication with Monk + ____ bungle the switch. Uses the off-ball screen well to create separation, nice use of the bounce pass to get the ball to the corner more quickly instead of picking up and stepping out. Bam’s movements come in fits and starts but he has good feet here, stopping Mitchell, doesn’t look like he really needs the help from Willis here.

79: Lazy pass from Monk, but perhaps a bigger takeaway is the lack of shake he has with these dribble moves. He’s doing the moves but doesn’t really go anywhere. Mitchell does a good job of staying home but isn’t challenged too much by Monk.

80: Fox just reads this the whole way and picks the perfect place to take a stand. Fox can cut the pass off, or if the handler drives, Fox is far enough out that he can delay it until teammates are back on D. Good balance to stay up and pass ahead. Bam does not look comfortable to have the ball there, not a huge surprise, but almost turns it over. Monk shows nice hands in corralling the pass, but really should just jump stop and kick to Willis for a great 3pt attempt.

81: Monk maybe gets a look at a 3 if he comes out of this cut harder/with more footwork precision.

82: Nice feet from Bam. Solid D from Fox, forcing Mitchell into help. But he loses some ground as Mitchell gets his shoulder around him, helped mightily by the fact that Louisville has two dudes clogging up the paint. Mitchell seemingly does a really good job of moving on to the next play.

83: Fox takes advantage of the lazy PnR defense here, most impressive is his acceleration once he turns the corner. Way tougher to finish this left handed against better athlete/better defense.

84: Bam does well to get out on the PnR then reel back to his man for the box out. Fox doesn’t make it super cleanly through the screen, but pursues the ball well with the help of Bam.

85: This possession really illustrates Kentucky’s lack of shooting. And this is with Willis in for Gabriel. Fox could do a little better here to just read Willis’ man from the get go and maybe get this pass off before he gets tangled up, but still the right read. (photo)

86: Bam doesn’t have the strength to move his man out of the way here. Shows good effort in trying to track down the board

87: Bam shuffles his feet (slowing down his kinetic energy) to jump off two feet and use his right hand. Doesn’t look like he was comfortable exploding off one foot or finishing left.

88: Looks like Bam rushes the second half of his jumper, but doesn’t shoot until he’s coming down off the tips of his toes. Upper body definitely out of sync with lower body.

89: Monk just locks super hard into his man here causing the switch. Monk does a good job to keep the big sealed for the rebound, but isn’t pressed mightily. Cal seems to have a decent amount of confidence in Bam’s switchability as they cede it fairly regularly. This is a nice read by Mitchell, should be a dime.

90: Monk flashes some nice acceleration here, gets through the hole pretty well as defender comes to help, focuses on the rim through the end of the play. Mitchell just commits his hips a little too far and doesn’t have the short-area quickness to catch up.

91: Snider takes advantage of Fox jumping prematurely here, both he and Bam kinda play this screen like it’s going the other way.

92: Fox has the athleticism to take the contact and hang in the air, but not the body control to get the shot off.

93: Monk goes to the left handed hang-dribble (at least second time), Mitchell disciplined, stays down forcing tough pull up. Turns his hips to cut the drive off as soon as Monk pulls back for the hang dribble. Monk doesn’t really steps back, just turns and shoots. Kind of rotates his shooting shoulder away from the hoop moving to his left, an awkward movement.

94; Mitchell does a nice job of cutting across the grain of the defense in semi-transition, gets Fox on his heels and slips past him for a his over the shoulder finish. Does not explode to the rim here; he’s at the end of his jump when he shoots. Fox doesn’t seem overly concerned with the drive.

95: Monk gets the shot off nice and quickly with a little hop and dip. Loads the ball above the shoulder, nice high release, nice arc, barely misses on the back rim.

96: Monk gets beat by the same cut they’ve run three times in the same possession. The pass is easier when there’s some pressure on the ball, but it’s getting made 9/10. Nice catch and finish by Adel

97: Bad pass placement here from Fox. Also telegraphs it. Monk gets to his spot with a head fake and slight hesitation, impressive elevation gets him tons of space.

98: Fox plays the pick and roll solid here, helped by Bam sliding his feet. Bam does a nice job to recover back to his man and box him out so Willis can grab the board. Again, this is a harder play for Bam and Fox if there’s not an offensive player stuck under the rim. Mitchell has a hard straight line drive here, but cannot elevate above Briscoe’s contest. This is more of a LeBron-style floater (with the left leaning right) than a pull up jumper.

99: Nice lil step over/Euro-step from Monk, but not enough hand strength to keep the ball from getting stripped.

100: Mitchell makes weird choice here. Looks off the open Snider and picks up his dribble and throws right into a poach

101: Mitchell has the nice shiftiness where he’s moving the ball back when his body is moving forward/to the side. Really protects the ball on that hesitation to freeze Bam. Does a good job chopping his feet before making his cut. Bam lets him close the cushion a little too fast, gets his top foot attacked and puts himself off balance. A half-step further back and he has the angle to cut the drive off.

102: Briscoe takes the contact while stowing the ball with the left arm, impressive to get the ball back up even without too much control

103: Monk cuts off the oop this time,  with a bit of help from Willis to shade off the screener. Bam plays this pretty well, Mitchell looks like he’s going for the pull up all the way, again, not stepping back so much as just turning and firing. Jumps back a little which seems to zap some power from the shot

104: Fox shields Adel, a bigger defender well, but misjudges the help defender. Bam doesn’t give him the best angle for the dump off.

105: Monk beaten on this backdoor but passer does not have the angle. Fox gives up a switch but gets back on his guy and plays really sound defense, good job staying down on the up & under fake.

106: Fox accelerates out of this crossover very well. Reads the help this time, pass over the top is tough with the left hand, doesn’t get there in a timely manner/on target. Defender bounces off Bam.

107: Bam does a solid job pressuring the ball, gets a little too reliant on reaching and not moving his feet after ball is picked up. Good leak by Mitchell to corner.

108: Monk gets beaten worse the second time Adel uses his behind the back. Takes him a long time to get back on a man after Bam switches onto Adel, doesn’t really sort it out for 15 seconds. Good effort to not get posted up, Snider does a good job attacking when he’s busy with that task. Bam follows Snider on two retreats and gets beat both times. Tough cover for him, but that’s what he’ll be facing on the next level. He can stay back on those moves.

109: Bam does a great job timing his screen for Monk. Mitchell takes a great angle after getting caught up and contests the shot. This is Monk’s best footwork coming off a screen of the game, shot looks a wee bit flat but it’s on target. Good contest from Mitchell. Fox delivers this a little bit late which made it a tougher shot. Bam could have had a good look at a post up as well.

110: Mitchell misses this jumping back again, a little more contested by Bam who plays it pretty well by moving his feet, anticipating the move. Mitchell might be better served with a step back then straight jump up rather than jumping back.

111: Fox just goes right into his man and gets a nice bucket going left while drawing the foul.

112: Just breathes down Snider’s neck all the way down the court, going about 80 percent speed. Monk shows good hands and anticipation getting this steal but completely sells out his hips and feet, could have been a wide open corner three or foul easily.

113: Sneaky athletic from Monk, catches with one hand, thinks about shooting the oop, thinks better of it before landing in bounds.

114: Savvy screen deny to attack Bam by Mitchell. Leans in and gets his shoulder in front, and creates space to get the shot off, but leaves the finish short.

115: Super quick release from Monk, pure energy transfer from ground to finger tips.

116: Monk gets enough space for his shot, does that thing where he rotates his right shoulder away from the hoop as he’s moving left. Shot on target but for the loss of that power.

Random observations:

Monk is a little lackadaisical coming in and out of cuts on both sides

Monk’s certainly looking for his shots when he has the ball, displays better offensive awareness without the ball. Not a terrible quality in a shooter, and isn’t exactly a death sentence to his combo guard prospects.

Monk definitely seems like there’s a short timer for his defensive focus.

I like how he kept shooting, didn’t get down after missing shots and being torn up on D. That being said, getting torn up on D didn’t cause him to try any harder on that end.

Bam is a pretty good communicator as the defensive pillar

Mitchell kinda looks like he’s holding his body on his toes too long and is balancing there on his free throws

Mitchell was part of a handful of mis communications on defense in the zone. Hard to know if this is exactly his fault, since they defense was switchy at times, but something worthy of note. These don’t look to be his errors, but neither he nor his teammate recognizes very quickly (25, 26) Then he’s on his heels as he gets driven by…25?

De’Aaron Fox is good at passing + moving in transition, not as much in the halfcourt

Despite narrow frame, initiates contact on drives and does well against it going left. Can just stuff some layups home over guards, but interesting to see against more length if he can develop some craft.

His speed in the open court is outclassed Louisville, and he had the court awareness to take advantage of it for the most part.

Both Mitchell and Fox get downhill quickly, Mitchell is better at this catching off a cut rather than dribbling into it. Fox can do either well.

Wonder how well Mitchell will get around on ball screens, kinda relates to him being better off going downhill off the cut than the stand still.

Bam’s has solid feet, but takes him a little while to load his strength into movement

Fox is a much better on-ball defender than off-ball defender.


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